Content Available to Stream on Pluto TV

They are known as “cord-cutters,” brave and pioneering spirits who grow weary of the cable TV monopoly and who have heard the siren call of the many free and paid streaming services out there on the wider, wilder Internet. Cord-cutters deploy a wide variety of tools to replace the set-top boxes and prepackaged channel combinations of the cable and satellite TV industries, and one of those tools is a streaming media service like Pluto TV. Unlike many streaming services on the market, Pluto TV is completely free.

Pluto TV has thousands of hours of TV shows and movies available, organized into a consistent and logical system of channels. Although Pluto TV is not terribly complicated to set up, it can be a little bit different than the interface that some TV watchers are used to. In this article, I will show you how to Follow link service on the wide variety of devices that support it, and I’ll also discuss setting up closed captions and casting.

Will Pluto TV stick around?

At least at the time of this writing, it doesn’t seem like Pluto TV will be going anywhere. Its parent, Viacom, has stated that Pluto TV is “a key driver of transforming our company for the future.” Unlike previous projects that aimed to provide shows you would otherwise need an antenna for, like Aereo, for example, Pluto TV isn’t stepping on any toes that could irk either government agencies or pay-TV companies.

Free though it may be, Pluto TV sells advertising on every channel, and judging from our experience, it seems like advertisers are buying. With Viacom’s team significantly boosting the platform’s marketing efforts, we expect even greater interest among advertisers. Just recently, Viacom reported 3,500 brands advertised on Pluto during September 2019, which was its greatest month of revenue ever and tripled ad viewing year-on-year.

Pluto TV’s deal with Vizio to power the WatchFree service is now looking like the first of many, as Viacom starts to pitch Pluto TV’s free offerings as an ideal way for cable and satellite companies to recapture some of the audience they’re losing from the cord-cutting trend.

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Is Pluto’s content live?

Yes and no. While select news and sports programming are live (and you’ll see an icon indicating that), a lot of Pluto’s channels repackage existing content by genre. If you click on a film name in the channel guide, rather than its channel icon, you can start at the beginning. A Live button allows you to jump to the current moment.

What about my smart TV?

Yep, Pluto TV is also available on select Vizio, Samsung and Sony smart TVs.

What’s up with the on-demand content?

We noticed that you can’t load-on-demand programming via a web browser, but it is currently available via Smart TV apps and connected devices.

What’s missing?

Aside from the programming, you’re used to? Pluto TV doesn’t have the cloud-based DVR service that paid, premium streaming services offer.

Who is Pluto TV for?

If you’re looking for a traditional TV-like experience, where you surf between channels instead of searching for a specific show, Pluto TV might be right for you. It’s also best-suited to those who are just looking to watch something and don’t have a specific show they need to see.

Content Available to Stream on Pluto TV

Sports Channels

Fox Sports NFL Channel Major League Soccer Stadium RedBull TV

Entertainment Channels

Comedy Central (Comedy Central-Pluto TV and Comedy Central Stand Up) MTV (MTV-Pluto TV, MTV Dating and MTV Teen) Nickelodeon (Nick-Pluto TV and Nick Jr.-Pluto TV) VH1 (VH1-I Love Reality and VH1-Hip Hop Family) Entertainment Tonight (ET Live) Spike TV (Spike-Pluto TV and Spike Outdoors) CMT (CMT-Pluto TV) BET (BET-Pluto TV and BET Her) TV Land (TV Land-Sitcoms)

Pluto TV Kodi Addon

The Pluto TV Kodi addon brings the legitimate Pluto TV service right to Kodi. Everything within Pluto TV is completely free. It is highly recommended that you register for a free account in order to access all of the features in the addon. Some channels will still work within the addon, but it will work even better if you set up an account via the instructions below. As well, you will be able to define your favorite channels and hide others that you don’t care for seeing.

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